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Simon Thoumire Concertina Course

Hi, Thanks for purchasing my 4 week concertina course. All of the lessons are downloadable below. If you have any questions about operation, technique etc please contact us and we will do our best to get back in touch as soon as possible.

To view the files download the video file to your computer

Lesson 1: We will look at Simon's tune My Love is Like a Red Red Rose (click on the link to download the music as a pdf) and talk about techniques of vibrato, fingering and chords. We will also talk about different ways of hold the concertina. Here also is a pdf of the circle of 5ths which we will talk about for chords and a copy of My Love is Like a Red Red Rose with chords. Here is a link to a website that illustrates key signatures.

Download the lesson

Lesson 2: We will look at the Scottish reel The St Kilda Wedding (click on the link to download the music as a pdf) and concentrate on playing triplets using two fingers on the same button. We will also look at using the bellows to create triplets while playing a chords and bellows control. You can read the text chat from the live lesson.

Download the lesson

Lesson 3: We will look at the my tune Charliewarlie (click on the link to download the music as a pdf) and extend what we were doing in lesson 2 working with 2 fingers to 1 note. We will then move on to playing in octaves, then harmonising the tune, and then doing a bellows accompaniment with chords. You can download the sheet of exercises here.

Download the lesson

Lesson 4: We will look at a jig I wrote called The Bee Sting (click on the link to download the music as a pdf). It was written in the F lydian mode. Here's a complete list of modes. (Visit Wikipedia for a good explanation of modern modes) We are going to accompany ourselves playing the tune and look at the fingering required to do this.

Download the lesson

Here is a streaming link to the Ayepod concert I gave on the 22nd April 2006.

Listen to FREE sample of Simon playing.

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